Successful seminar on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (WBS) at Delft University of Technology

On 28th June 2022, a seminar on “Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (WBS) Technology and Industry – Opportunities for today and the future”, was successfully held in Delft University of Technology (TUD). It was organized by TUD, and co-organized by AcTI and Holland Semiconductors (NL national network of semiconductor companies). WBS have not only many grand scientific challenges, but also vital economic and societal impact. This seminar highlighted the state of the art of technology and industry of WBS, which are becoming the cornerstone of future power electronics, communication (5G and beyond) and photonics. This seminar consists of presentations by global leading experts from both academia and industry, and a panel discussion with key stakeholders of Netherlands semiconductor eco-system.

Due to the importance of semiconductors for NL technology and innovation, AcTI provided support for this seminar. Among others, Prof. Margot Weijnen joint the panel discussion, together with the speakers and industrial executives. Prof. Guoqi Zhang exchanged ideas with Prof. Umesh Mishra, who is a member of US National Academy of Engineering (US AoE) , about possibility of cooperation on WBS between AcTI and US AoE members. The seminar was positively received by about 90 participants.

Should you be interested in receiving the presentation, please contact the AcTI office: