Namens onze zuster academie, Technology Academy Finland, vragen wij graag aandacht voor de €1 miljoen Millenium Technology Prize 2022.



2022 Millennium Technology Prize
Nomination Round 2 August – 31 October 2021

We are inviting your organization to nominate candidates for the 2022 Millennium Technology Prize.
The Millennium Technology Prize is one million euros, and it is awarded every two years to an individual or to a team of any nationality.

The purpose of the Millennium Technology Prize is to promote the use of research-based technologies in solving global challenges.
We invite nominations from organizations around the world and from all fields of technology, excluding military technology. We ask you to kindly consider gender balance when choosing your nominee. In the 2020 nomination round, less than 10% of nominees were women.

We are looking forward to receiving your nominations for the 2022 Millennium Technology Prize candidates!

Please get familiar with the nomination guidelines and nominate your candidate today.

Kindly share this invitation also with your peers and networks.


Minna Palmroth
Chair of Technology Academy Finland TAF Markku Ellilä
CEO of Technology Academy Finland TAF