About AcTI

The Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation AcTI consists of members selected on their personal quality from the top of large and small companies from industry as well as from universities (especially those with engineering and technology faculties) and (applied) research organizations in the field of technology, technical sciences and engineering and other knowledge institutions. It is a unique and independent platform and network of distinguished persons committed to societal and cultural issues relating to technology, innovation and economic application of science and technology.


The 85 members (2013) cover a broad variety of fields, from traditional engineering to bio, food, pharmaceuticals, ict and consultancy services. Academy members do not only have research and design backgrounds, but can also have vast experience and knowledge in the development of knowledge intensive innovations.
Membership is strictly personal, on invitation and restricted to those who are professionally active in their areas of expertise. Approximately fifty percent of our members come from the business community, the other members come from universities and other knowledge institutions and organizations. An overview of our members can be found on the tab: ‘board and members’.

Goal and mission

AcTI wants to give insight into the interaction between science, technology and the community. Based on a long-term vision, AcTI’s mission is to influence the way society thinks and acts with regard to science and technology as important components in the community; with a special focus on the issues society is facing today such as population growth, energy, climate change, health and natural resources.


AcTI’s ambition is to raise its profile more so than before, with its opinions and advice with regard to the issues. Opinions do not always lead to consensus or uniformity. It is more a matter of articulating important issues and (future) dilemmas. AcTI wants to develop and communicate, over the various sectors, common ideas and be considered a think tank. If the subject is appropriate AcTI will look for collaboration with other organizations in the fields of technology, science and the business community through the networks of its members.
AcTI communicates its ideas through its members and by organizing an annual Innovation Conference. The Innovation Conference is intended to come to concrete agreements together with important players from the business community, knowledge institutions and government resulting in strengthening the innovation power in the Netherlands.
Each year AcTI checks the progress of agreements made earlier and adds new themes as necessary.

In addition, AcTI is a sounding board for government institutions, political bodies, NGOs and other societal groups.